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Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams

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The Scotts
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Our Products

What’s In Store


Dairy and Non-Dairy Based Yogurt

Do you love ice cream but feel guilty whenever you eat it? Well our dairy based frozen yogurts are a perfect alternative for you. We have  the amazing flavors you love in traditional ice cream with less fat, less calories and less guilt. If you have a lactose sensitivity or just want a change from the traditional fro-yo then our non-dairy sorbets are for you.  We rotate our flavors weekly to give an exciting variety, but don’t worry our staples such as vanilla and chocolate will be here daily. 


Drinks & Desserts

We admit we don't have a huge selection of desserts, but what we do have are DELICIOUS!  We have some of the best banana pudding ever (at least, that's what everyone tells us).  We also have funnel cake sundaes available everyday and our newest menu item our "Churro cake".  We took our tradition funnel cake and dusted it with cinnamon and sugar.  Let's not forget the froyo shakes and frozen lemonades that can be made with any flavor yogurt or sorbet you like.    


Snacks & Stuff

In addition to our delicious froyo we offer fun concession stand snacks like chips and nachos, but that's not all.  We also offer Chicago classic Italian Beef sandwiches, our twist on Mexican street corn and tacos with a variety of protein options.  We have lunchtime, snack time and dessert covered.


Assorted Toppings

At Sweet Dreams we carry a large variety of assorted toppings from fresh fruits, candies and more which will be sure to satisfy  your taste buds. All of our scrumptious toppings taste great with both our dairy based and non-dairy yogurts.  We also, have an array  of candies and other nostalgic treats to be enjoyed on their own.

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Who We Are

What is Sweet Dreams all about?

We acquired this business after being long time customers.  We saw an opportunity and we went for it.  This business was previously a franchise but we decided to go our own route.  We changed the name and the menu to contain not just froyo but different snacks, drinks and desserts as well. We wanted our froyo shop to be an experience that would bring back memories of your childhood and create memories for your children.  

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 Hours of Operations

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Monday - Friday: 11am - 8pm

Saturday: 1pm - 6pm

*Hours subject to change without notice*

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